Custom Travel Experience

Travel Europe like a Local 

Custom Travel Experience 

I will design and plan your next European adventure exactly how you want it -

Worry free and 100% YOU! 

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  • Is traveling to Europe high up on your personal travel bucket list?
  • Do you love exploring hidden gems and beautiful landscapes away from the tourist crowds?
  • Does tasting delicious local specialty foods fill your heart with joy? 
  • You have a busy lifestyle and you don't have time to go through hundreds of travel websites to plan your trip?
  • You have absolutely no interest in doing the "touristy" thing, but everything you find on the internet is the same cookie-cutter stuff you've heard about over and over again? 

Wondering if you are in the right place? 

You are in the right place if you want to travel Europe like a local!

As a European travel planning expert I made it my mission to introduce to you what Europe has to offer in a way that you would never be able to experience on your own.  

The secrets, the hidden gems - once you see Europe this way you will have a whole different experience.  

The idea behind Culinatour is the combination of my three big passions: traveling away from the tourist crowds, being outdoors and enjoying amazing food!  

Over the past years I have...

...traveled 15 European countries

...hiked over 2,000km (1,250 miles) on some of Europe’s most spectacular trails

...tasted hundreds of local specialty foods

...discovered countless hidden gems along the way  

I explored many amazing places in Europe that not a lot of tourists have ever visited before and kept thinking to myself: 

"I need to share these with other like minded travelers. Those places are just too beautiful to be missed!"

My mission is to help you find those hidden gems in Europe and to create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Travel Europe like a Local

Custom Travel Experience

  • Travel on your own terms, away from the tourist crowds so that you can explore hidden gems the locals like to keep as a secret.
  • Have a European travel expert plan your perfect trip - no boring cookie cutter vacations anymore!
  • Enjoy all of your favourite activities, dive into European culture and taste delicious local food to make this your personal European adventure.
  • Save time (and headaches) going through countless travel blogs and websites.
  • Get the best value for your money whilst enjoying a truly local travel experience. 

Here is what's included...

Travel Inspiration Conversation 

The first step of your Custom Travel Experience will be to brainstorm your perfect trip to Europe. 

On your Travel Inspiration Conversation with me, we will talk about your European travel bucket list, the activities and sights you are most passionate about and your favourite mode of traveling. 

Detailed Travel Questionnaire

To ensure that I have all of the information I need to plan your perfect journey, I will send you a detailed questionnaire in which you can share all your travel preferences with me. 

Once I have a good understanding on all those elements that make a perfect trip for you, it’s up to me to actually make it happen for you.  

Fully Customized Travel Plan

Your custom travel plan includes a detailed itinerary including all the hidden gems, places to stay, transportation, activities and culinary delights that will make your European adventure extra special. 

It's all delivered to you in a nicely organised format to ensure that you can quickly and easily find the information you need.

Travel Plan Revisions

If there is anything you would like to be added or changed to your custom travel plan, just let me know. 

I am happy to make those revisions until your travel plan is perfect and exactly how you want it! 

Custom Travel Map

Along with your fully customised travel plan you will also receive a custom travel map which you can access from anywhere via Google Maps.  

This digital map will be your handy travel companion as it includes all the highlights from your custom travel plan at the tip of your finger.

Local Travel Experts

Are you traveling solo or would just like to have the extra comfort of having a local expert guide you on your European adventure? 

No problem! I am happy to share my network of local travel experts and tour guides with you.

Imagine if…. could travel Europe like the locals do. knew the hidden gems and could stay away from the tourist crowds. didn’t need to go through countless travel websites to receive the best value for money. could taste the best local specialty foods at restaurants you will hardly be able to find on the internet. 

... you didn’t need to worry about sorting out transportation, car rentals and train tickets as it will all be done for you. could just relax, enjoy yourself and have a fantastic time.  

"We’ve just sat down as a family and gone through our travel plan together and we were all absolutely blown away by the detail that has gone into the plan and how you seem to be able to read our minds as to how we like to travel! 

Your accommodation choices are amazing and exactly what we would choose ourselves, and your suggestions for eating out go beyond anything we could find or plan ourselves. The kids were very excited about your activity recommendations! 

The time and care put into the travel plan really gives us confidence that we could just go ahead and book it, no questions or additional research required, the service you offer is simply outstanding."

Vanessa Jourdan  

Here is how it works...

Step 1 - Travel Inspiration Conversation

Book your free Travel Inspiration Conversation with me here. On this 30 minute call we will talk about your European travel bucket list, about the places you dream of and the activities you are passionate about. Together we will brainstorm your perfect European adventure before it’s up to me to actually make it happen for you.  

Step 2 - Travel Questionnaire

As soon as you choose me as your travel planner for your next European adventure, I will send you a short Travel Questionnaire which takes about 5 minutes to fill in. As part of the questionnaire you will tell us a bit more about your preferences regarding transportation, lodging, activities, food, budget etc. Those details really matter as they will help us create an amazing travel experience for you!  

Step 3 - Custom Travel Plan

Sit back and relax as my team of European travel experts and myself create your custom travel plan for you. Your travel plan includes a detailed itinerary and a custom travel map which you can access from anywhere via Google Maps.

Step 4 - Travel Plan Review & Feedback

As soon as your travel plan is ready I will get together on a call to review your custom Travel Plan. This will be a fun experience as your next European adventure will become so much more tangible! I will go through the itinerary and travel map with you and will answer all the questions you might have. But don't worry, nothing is set in stone! If you would like me to add or change anything relating to your travel plan, just mention it during the call. I’m happy to make up to 2 revisions of your travel plan (small changes are always possible, no worries).  

Step 5 - Revision of Travel Plan 

It's time to sit back and relax again. As mentioned in Step 4, I am are very happy to revise your travel plan and include any additions or changes until it's perfect! Once your travel plan is finalised, I will email it to you. 

Step 6 - Have a FANTASTIC Time!!! 

Enjoy your European adventure, you deserve it! :)

"Working with Julia to plan my Italian Alpine Adventure was such a pleasure. She included all of my favorite activities and managed to do it all within my budget! She incorporated everything that I asked for with so many great food recommendations, and it was jam packed with outdoor activities that I love! The details of our plan came complete with different flight options, train travel details, maps, accommodations, and activity to do in each location. This plan will make our trip to the Italian Alps effortless to enjoy because the headaches of travel planning are taken care of!"

Stacy Cappadona 

Which European countries are on your bucket list? 

I can design your Custom Travel Plan for the following destinations:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Greece

  • United Kingdom
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands

Coming soon...

Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland

Couldn't find your bucket list countries on the list?

Send me a message

Do you have questions?

I have answers for you...

What's a Custom Travel Experience?

The Custom Travel Experience is a ‘done for you’ travel service aiming to enable travelers to explore Europe on their own terms, away from the tourist crowds and exactly how they want it. As part of the service, I work with clients individually to design, plan and create their perfect European adventure.

Who is the Custom Travel Experience for?

It’s a travel planning service designed for people who want to...

  • travel away from the tourist crowds and explore Europe’s hidden gems
  • save time, headaches (and money) by not having to spend hours and hours going through endless travel websites 
  • fully dive into local culture and local culinary highlights to enjoy an authentic European experience
  • be active and enjoy Europe’s beautiful landscapes 
  • enjoy life to the fullest and just have an unforgettable experience


I already have my flights and/or hotel booked. Is it too late now for a Custom Travel Experience?

Not at all! It’s great if you already know where and when you are traveling. To make your travel experience extra special, I can help you plan your favorite activities, provide recommendations for hidden gems away from the tourist crowds and point you to culinary highlights in the region. If you would like to hire a local tour guide to make your journey even more authentic, I am happy to share my network of local travel experts with you. 

I'm not looking for a culinary experience. Can you still help me?

I get this questions a lot and I can help you even if you don’t consider yourself as a foodie who takes photos of their food wherever they go (I tend to do that, please don’t judge 😉). Enjoying food will be a part of your European travel experience no matter if you are an explicit food lover or not. As your personal travel planning expert I want to ensure that you don’t need to worry about eating in a foreign country. I will provide you with custom food and restaurant recommendations that match your individual taste AND your budget. 


I'm planning to travel to Europe with a group of people. Can you help me plan the trip?

Absolutely! I have designed and planned many group trips and vacations and I know how much work and effort it can be to ensure that everyone involved has a fantastic time. I am here to take that headache away from you so that you can fully enjoy the trip as part of the group! 

I don't want to be tied to a schedule. Do you offer flexible travel options?

Yes, that’s the beauty of a Custom Travel Experience. As part of our initial Travel Inspiration Conversation, we define your preferred mode of traveling and how flexible you would like to be on your journey. As an additional service, you can even still change your travel plans whilst you are in Europe and I will be there to support you make those changes happen for you. 

I have dietary restrictions. Can you still help me plan a tasty European adventure?

Absolutely YES! No matter if your food preferences are vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free or anything else, I’ll be happy to consider your personal food choices as part of you Custom Travel Experience. As part of your fully customized travel plan you will receive a tailored list of restaurants and/or food shops so that you can enjoy your trip worry-free and full of tasty experiences.

Do you also book flights and accommodation as part of the Custom Travel Experience?

As part of my service I am happy to research and recommend flight connections, transportation options, hotels, BnBs and other accommodations for you. All of those recommendations will be part of your fully customized travel plan. I will even include all the links to the booking pages to make it super easy for you to book everything. If you need any additional assistance with making those bookings online, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you. 

I love outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, climbing and paragliding. Is this something you can include in my Custom Travel Experience?

YES, no problem at all! When we first meet on our Travel Inspiration Call I will ask you about all the activities you love and will happy include them into your fully customized travel plan. 

Do you also design road trips and RV / Campervan adventures as part of the Custom Travel Experience service?

Yes, I do. No matter if you need a rental car for your European road trip or if you would like to hire a motorhome / camper van for your trip, I will be there to help you make it happen! As part of your Custom Travel Experience I not only recommend where to rent those vehicles, I will also design, create and plan your entire travel adventure for you including all stops, places to stay, sights, activities and culinary highlights. 


What's the minimum length of travel for a Custom Travel Experience?

I usually recommend a minimum one week travel time for a Custom Travel Experience. If you planning a trip for only a few days (e.g. over a long weekend), please feel free to join the Travel Europe like a Local Community on Facebook where myself and about 200 enthusiastic travelers are happy to provide you with travel tips and recommendations.

"Creating my travel plan with Julia was the most amazing experience! I love to travel to places regular tourists wouldn't go, so finding Julia was like a dream come true! 

Julia asked me just the right questions to figure out exactly what I was looking for and the travel plan was perfect!

She gave me great activities, restaurants and travel routes for my trip and I literally can't wait to get to Spain and Portugal this year!!"

Jodi Rumack